Link: Zidisha Microfinance One of World’s Top 100 “Game-Changers”

Zidisha Nominated One of World’s Top 100 “Game-Changers”

Best-selling author Peter Fisk is writing an exciting new book about the 100 “game-changing” brands that are revolutionizing the world – and Zidisha is one of them!

From the book’s website:

“What do these brands do better?  They win through ambition and innovation, thinking bigger and different.  They are not always the biggest, but they are the best… with inspiring purpose and passion, they connect and collaborate, with design and innovation, developing new business models, caring for people and environments, engaging through social media and networks, enabling people to do more, building markets as movements, making a difference to people’s lives.  They win because they “change the game”… they challenge their competitors by thinking different, to define and shape markets in their own vision, reframing their brands, reinventing the modus operandi, they play by their own rules… shaking up, disrupting, converging or redefining their markets.”

Other nominees include Amazon, Zappos, Kickstarter and Ashoka.  Check out the author’s website at to learn more about the book and to view the full list of the world’s top 100 “game-changing” brands.

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