“I am focusing on a bright future”

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Posted by James Wainaina, Nakuru, Kenya

Hi Everyone,
We are at the middle of the dry season in my country. The dry season starts from January to around the middle of March. During this period farmers get an opportunity to prepare their land for planting in March and April. It is also a period when Form one high school students join secondary schools. So, most parents who are also farmers are having a hectic time preparing for both of these activities. The two activities hold the central focus on our lives and can easily be described as the cornerstone of our existence. We have to take kids to school as it builds a more bearable future for them; our economy depends so much on education. We have to cultivate land since it is one of the main sources of our income.
I am in the process of digging a well as I had planned to do when I applied for the loan. Digging a good and reliable well is a long process since we use people to do this; and it has to be well over 140 feet. The equipment used are not very effective. It takes well over two months. We have mechanized diggers but they are beyond my reach.
God has blessed me well. Despite my well not being ready, I have bought a diesel water pump which I am using to irrigate a small portion of land. The portion is under kales and tomatoes. Therefore, I am still making good money. The cows have increased in number; I bought three heifers of good grade during the Christmas festivities when people were eager to spent and therefore ready to sell. The goats and sheep have since multiplied.
I am focusing on a bright future and an improved living standard. This has been made possible due to Zidisha.
Thank you and may God bless you.

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