Easter Greetings from Zidisha Entrepreneurs

“Dear Lenders, 
Am hoping that you had a nice Easter Holiday. I had a nice one myself. I used the opportunity to reflect on my inner spirit. I have some good news to share with you all. I have a contract with a children’s home to be supplying milk every morning. The home will require i supply at least 20 litres. Although i will be assisting the home its also an opportunity for me to make some profits which will boost my business. This will allow me to even clear my loan before the stipulated time. Thank you good people.” – Jane Wanjira

“Happy Easter to all my lenders i wish you were in Kenya i would have invited you to my butchery to take NYAMA CHOMA roasted meat in kiswahili, but because you are far accept my sincere thanks for your generous contribution towards filling my bids your are really caring people. I will now reload my business with more goats for more profits and for tasty NYAMA CHOMA be blessed and Gods favor be with you always.” – Marion Mwangi

“Dear lenders i am very thankful to your generous contribution towards filling my bids i will now stock my business with more commodities to sell and increase my profits. Its Easter Holiday and you have celebrated by making my life better, may Gods favor and joy be with you always because you are wonderful people. Happy Easter.” – Elizabeth Gitau

“Dear lenders, i am so gratefully impressed by your generous contribution towards filling my bids, it is Easter Holiday and you have really cerebrated in style by making a difference to my life. Your good hearts shall always be filled with Gods favor, joy and wisdom as you continue to pertain this greatest essence of existence you are really wonderful people. am also very thankful to Mr miller clark for his contribution may you all live to blow a thousand candles, God bless and have a happy Easter.”  – David Gitau

“Hi All lenders,
Greetings and Happy Easter to you all on behave of all borrowers Africa I wish to congratulate you for the kind of work that you are doing in this continent ts great joy to uplift us in this programme .I want to wish all of you A HAPPYEASTER and may God bless you this time that you are fully determined to help us,So far it has been good and may God PUT on your tables what he knows is good for you.that is my prayer to all of you Happy Easter .Am inviting you when you come to Kenya come see us you are most welcome,our country is beautiful, landscape animals,the people are friendly,come see what you monies are doing to us GREAT CHANGE.
God bless you
Josephine” – Josephine Nyang’au

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