Zidisha Microfinance in Benin: Spotlight on Nathalie Tchoukada


By Mien De Graeve

Hi everyone, 
My name is Mien, I am West Africa client relationship manager at Zidisha and I am currently visiting Parakou, in the north of Benin. Benin is a new country for Zidisha and till now there are only a few Zidisha borrowers. Let’s hope there will be many more people applying after my visit!
Yesterday I had the chance to meet with Nathalie Tchoukada. She’s a hairdresser in Parakou and I found her amidst chatting women and hair extensions. Her work is clearly appreciated by the women in her town. She used her first Zidisha loan to buy beauty products and hair extensions and she’s doing well. I spoke with her about the importance of not only repaying her loan (which she’s obviously doing as she promised) but also communicating with lenders and updating them on the development of her business. She promised to post a personal update soon. In the meantime I post some of the pictures I made yesterday during my visit. 

To view more comments and photos about Ms Tchoukada’s business, visit her Zidisha Microfinance Profile Page.


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