Greetings from Josephine Nyang’au, Zidisha member and Volunteer Mentor

HI Friends
Greetings, thanks again for the comment am gladly positive and that i know one day i will see you,my, our organization i fully understand this thats why i always say thank you very much it took an initiative put together to help us which i really a appreciate, I sold one rabbit and paid for a child who comes from a vulnerable village school fees, the teacher appreciated and were very happy, that am able to assist, i will post his photo next.I want to thank you so much because some things we are learning from the way our organization conducts thing am happy to emulate mam is recovering taking medicine,and now she can walk a little bit,but i can say that she is strong. I will be traveling to see her on 15 that whole week i will be home.i will also take two rabbits male and excited.
God bless zidisha
Josephine (Ongata Rongai, Kenya)

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