Putting Capital to Good Use

“Hi Zidisha Family. I received the money on Sunday 19th at 6:15 am East African Time. I have already started my rabbit project and I will post the pictures as soon as possible. With the remaining amount of Ksh. 1,500, I have also used it to put to use an idle land which my Mum gave to me just behind our home. I have choose to plant some vegetables and general home groceries.
I have already set up the Farm’s website, which is http://thekamandesfarm.kbo.co.ke/ 
I have also taken the initiative to create awareness to my friends and family and generally the youth in our area about Zidisha, how they can put into good use the capital to add more to their profit and give back to the community either directly or indirectly.
I am also a Fourth Year Engineering student at the Technical University of Kenya. I am working on my final year project that involves speed synchronization of multiple motors in industries. It will cost me $789 to purchase the Do It Yourself Kit from http://www.edgefxkits.com/speed-synchronisation-of-multiple-motors-in-industries. I am currently soliciting funds from well wishers worldwide to help me purchase the kit, and even if it was to be in form of a loan, I would be very much willing to repay as with this project, I will make a significant impact on my five year degree…
I look forward to soon, in less than 15 months to change my status from a borrower to a lender in Zidisha. You really have made a significant impact in my life and I will be forever indebted to you.”


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