“Hard work always pays”

Mr Konde’s focus and steady determination to get ahead is inspiring, though not exceptional at all in developing countries. It’s a great thing to be able to provide a service that amplifies the returns generated by such entrepreneurs’ efforts.

“Dear lenders thank you once again and thank God the almighty due to hard work and marketing my product i finished selling my broiler chickens and this my very slow selling since i started this broiler business.
Now i have new 4 days old chicks which i brought to the farm on the 27th of May Monday and am looking at the chicks like small babies because of the weather and rains.
Its a bit cool and cold so i need to warm the brooder and the house to keep the chicks warm for atleast a week or more then after they have enough feathers i can let them warm themselves.
It is a hard task because i sleep in the same farm house with the chicks staying awake each after every few hours adding charcoal to my jiko small charcoal burner till morning,what an experience but tells you all about working hard and getting benefits after your hard work.
Second week is not also busy with vaccine given to the chicks and making sure all the litter is cleaned out then new wood shavings is introduced into the chicken house.
Well more is still to come but hard work always pays.
Thank you for now.”

– Posted today by Norman Konde, Mtwapa, Kenya

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