“We have people who care”


“Greetings,once again, thank you for caring about what i do am very grateful for that. my rabbit are fine, am generally doing good and happy that you send [Zidisha volunteer Client Relationship Manager in Kenya] Naroa to come and visit us this keeps us on toes and we get encouraged that we have people who care, thats the nature of human beings that someone is always around ,at least gets in touch with the people in the ground and that they look forward to see someone,she has come to my project taken some photos which will be put all of you will get to see them and that how am doing.
i once again say that am proud to be associated with you and that we shall work together.more so when you come to Kenya or when you send your people we shall assist where we can.
for now i would like to say thank you very much God bless you and add you more days to continue assisting…

That picture you will see my mam and my two brothers, me and a friend who went to visit her project in the rural area where she has a school assisting the vulnerable the needy students get education,she stays in my brothers house this has encouraged our family and the community at large,my mother is old but light she can move here and there she can do a little work we encourage her to work so that she is active throughout unless she is sick so when i go home i will sit and she will cook for me,she loves cooking for her children though she is old.”

– Posted on August 7, 2013 by Josephine Nyang’au in Ongata Rongai, Kenya



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