“The choice to take it or reject it was totally mine.”

“I met with someone this week who told me something that really got me thinking. He said that he envied people like me who are always upbeat and who have no problems in life. He said that life seemed to be imbalanced in how it dished out problems to people. He said that unlucky people like him seemed to have more problems hurled at them than lucky people like me. As I listened it suddenly occurred to him that he might indeed be speaking for many who attribute success or failure to luck. They have reduced life to a game of chance.

As I have said many times, there was a period in my life when I was the perfect picture of an unlucky person. I was so economically challenged that to get 50 shillings [US $0.63] to move from point A to point B in a tuk tuk [a motorbike-powered taxi] was on the same level as getting a flight to the moon – uphill! However, I did not dance to the tune that life was playing me trying to tell me that I was an unlucky person.

The first letter in the alphabet of luck is A for attitude. Even when I was down, I refused to see myself as an unlucky or cursed person but as a blessed person who was being offered a curse by life. The choice to take it or reject it was totally mine. The challenge is that a lot of people have accepted their current condition as a destination and not as a location en route to a greater place.”

– Posted on August 23, 2013 by John Njau in Nakuru, Kenya

2 thoughts on ““The choice to take it or reject it was totally mine.”

  1. as the saying goes…if you cannot change your circumstances, change your attitude. If you ask me i think it has alot to do with optimism as well as converting crisis into opportunity.

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