How to earn $8.15 per day



“HI lenders,l take this precious moment to greet you all this beautiful morning.l hope you are all doing well as l am with my family and my business.l have done some research and discovered a new business idea of selling sausages and smokies [small smoked sausages eaten as snacks in Kenya].This business is on the rise and its very profitable because there is always ready market. 

l discovered that selling sausages brings in more profit and faster because there are always in packet of sausages while buying from the supermarket is 120 [US $1.50] about and it contains 10 sausages,then one sausage is sold for 25 shillings making 250 shillings [US $3.13], therefore bringing in a profit of 130 shiilings [US $1.63] per packet,one can sell upto 5packets [for a total profit of US $8.15] on a good day.

It only requires a trolly with 2 wheels,in order to move around with it,but if someone is able to locate a place where there are most people,it will be very nice.l realized its a good business to venture in and bring in profit from it so that l can support my family and also grow my other business,if advanced with another loan l will be able to venture in it,Nice times.”

– Posted on August 27, 2013 by Njoki Kimani in Nakuru, Kenya

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