“Keep on keeping on”

By Lydia Mwebia, Kiptangwanyi, Kenya

“Its always said that do not close the envelope before you proof -read the letter and to my fellow entrepreneurs keep off the pessimists and those who say a thing cannot be done because they we will make you believe you cannot.Refuse to give away your hope until you do it better. once, twice, or thrice is not enough.l know enough is when l accomplish my task,repay the loan and borrow again and again until l smoothen what l say is rough even though it will take time but l am encouraged that zidisha is my partner in this journey…

The darkest part of the night is always the closest to the day,after the darkness there is light and after hard work there is a big pay.each time l have not closed a business deal at times am attempted to give away my hope and l feel l can not fight but when l remember what Zidisha can do for me or what l can attain with Zidisha am motivated to fight back the discouragement,because l am certain that if l keep on keeping on another door to my success will open.i take pride in Zidisha because its my reliable financial partner.God bless you.”

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