Why I became a Zidisha Volunteer Mentor

By Martin Luganji

“This week in my business, has been really hard. It’s that time when, I have to pay my rent .we usually pay quarterly. I have always been prompt in my rent repayment, but this time round, I got a family emergency thus I had to spend the rent to sort that issue. I was expecting to recover the money by the weekend, but it did not work well. Finally the deadline come and past. This has been a challenge, but likely is almost through with the repayment. I have learnt my lesson; I will avoid paying the rent quarterly and start paying it monthly. I did not plan well and got punished instead.
Business, when assessed, over a period of time, one is able to predict the outcomes of specific actions. This is why, you will hear of a certain businessman having experience, to the extend he is able to offer advice to the upcoming business people. This becomes so important for zidisha organization to have a business advice section , to help some of the upcoming business people.
Having said this, I offered myself to become a Zidisha Volunteer Mentor , and am happy to report , I was granted my wish. Thank you Zidisha for acording me this chance to serve fellow business people, so that we can help and develop ourselves and others who depend on us. I and others in this Organization, we are really encouraging each other, and also helping each other . I thank Zidisha for giving or showing us the light . it’s a believe to most of us , that , bigger and better things are coming our way . Indeed one friend of mine , joked/said , maybe we are being prepared for bigger and better things to come, kind of I agree with him.
Thanks and bye for now.”

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