“Make this a peaceful day.”

Posted by James Thuo in Nairobi, Kenya

“Despite the recent occurrence of terrorist attack in our country where close to 100 people lost their lives, I feel upbeat because of increased funding for my loan. I call it a silver lining. The bids are an array of hope in all the gloom hanging all over Kenya…

As we were seated with my wife thinking of what we were going to write to you, my wife made a very curious observation. She asked why the world has different kinds of people; here we were trying to ask people whom we have never met to fund our project, a project that we expect to profoundly change our lives, and at the same time mourning the killing of our country men and women by people whose ideologies we don’t even understand. I told her that that is the nature of God. Those helping us are good people meant to touch our lives positively; they are gifts from God and we ought to cherish and honour them. Those killing us are a lesson as to the extent of human rot in the society. We ought reciprocate good with good and pray that the bad people will come back to their senses and stop the bad way. Goodness will triumph over evil.
Make this a peaceful day.”

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