10 Creative Ways to Get Involved

Are you looking to do more to grow our community and advance our vision of a connected world where geography no longer holds people back from achieving their dreams?  
Here are ten ideas:
1.  Donate your birthday.  In lieu of traditional gifts, ask your friends to join in making loans to commemorate your next birthday or holiday celebration.  View our new Donate Your Birthday page to learn more.
2.  Start a lending group.  Your group can be for others in your company, family, lending philosophy, or any other area of common interest.  Invite like-minded friends to join.  Check out ourexisting lending groups for inspiration!
3.  Find a loan that is about to expire, and use the Promote This Loan bar to raise awareness of it via email or social media.
4.  Create an account in our new Member Forum and join the conversations about how best to advance our mission.
5.  Use your French or Indonesian language skills to translate a new loan application or member comment.

6.  Join our Virtual Volunteer Team.  Our volunteers collaborate on a flexible schedule from any location worldwide, assisting our applicants, borrowers and lenders to interact with our online lending platform.

7.  Help us bring Zidisha lending services to a new country.  If you reside in or have expertise in a country that could benefit from access to Zidisha loans, talk to us about working together to establish a lending program there.

8.  Share Zidisha’s story with your favorite newspaper, magazine or blog.  Check out our previous press coveragefor ideas.

9.  Read our ebook collection of entrepreneur stories, or gift a copy of our ebook to a friend.

10.  Share a candid review of Zidisha at GreatNonprofits or in your favorite online discussion forum.

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