Giving thanks



Pherister Ndoge, one of our members in Kenya who bootstrapped a school for disadvantaged kids in Nairobi

By Julia Kurnia

Americans celebrate Thanksgiving today.  It’s a holiday where we take time to give thanks for all the good things in our lives.

At Zidisha we have an extra reason to celebrate today: We have just crossed the $1.5 million mark in loans funded.  $1 million of this was funded within the last year alone.  

Most of our borrowers do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but every day they share messages of thanks with our community.  In honor of the holiday, we selected a few that were posted in recent days to share with all Zidisha members:


reginah njiiri

reginah njiiri comments on Nov 26, 2013

the zidisha borrowing system has proved that through this times of technology and everyone wanting to be able to do most things from the comfort of their own home that its indeed the best way to borrow money.just at the click of a button,u will be half way into financial many youths especially in Kenya can borrow money without the usual hustle banks take people through… thank you again for taking the service of borrowing money to the people             


FREDRICK OMAMO comments on Nov 27, 2013

Sometimes back, I could not just make two ends meet. A few months ago, I was struggling with my business trying to drive it to my desired levels but in vain. Meeting my expenses was in itself a nightmare and at some point I nearly though to quitting business. But then Zidisha came in and changed everything all at once. Personally, I believe that Zidisha is not just a peer-to-peer microlending platform. Zidisha is a God-sent opportunity that business investors of our time have been privileged to access and receive great benefits in such an easy way that has never been experienced since time immemorial. Since I knew Zidisha, I bid bye bye to micro creditors in our town who neither knew ethics nor courtesy, who would rudely interrupt your investment activities whenever they would feel to do so. Zidisha Team knows that I am an investor and I that I need peace of mind even as I continue with my investment activities and that is truly what they give. Thanks a million times Zidisha.             

robert opiyo

robert opiyo comments on Nov 27, 2013

Thanks for the zidisha team for having given me a loan that has helped me to improve my business as well as the living standard.I have since then gotten into yoghurt production to a fairly large scale that is handling up to hundred litres of yoghurt per day on average. my net income has improved considerably. i would like to invite the zidisha team to my dairy plant to see whats going on and use it as an example to the other youth or individuals who may think of starting a business from this funds.            

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without a sincere message of gratitude to the borrowers, lenders, volunteers and supporters who are making these opportunities happen.  On behalf of all those whose lives have been changed by your loans, please accept our heartfelt thanks.



The new house Zidisha member Siaka Toure built for his family in Banfora, Burkina Faso, using proceeds from his Zidisha loan-financed cassava business.

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