“Looking forward to even greater things”



By Andrew Chege, Zidisha member and Volunteer Mentor in Kiptangwanyi, Kenya

Dear lenders,

Much regards from Kiptangwanyi Kenya. As I had promised you, I started the grains (maize) purchasing business and so to speak its doing marvelous. Although the profit margin is small, all in all, I am able to make some profit and service my loan. 
My intentions are to identify markets out of this area so as to increase my profit margin. At the moment, maize harvest is at its peak within this area. With the plenty of maize, competition is slightly high as many buyers have flocked the area in search of the commodity. 

But in business, only the persistent and strong hearted will remain afloat amid the tough competition. Already, I have been able to establish myself and I am on right track looking forward to even greater things. 

My sincere thanks goes to all my kind lenders for having transformed my life through the zidisha profile loans. Friends, you are just wonderful in my life and I have no words to describe what you are to me. May you keep up the same spirit even in future.
Kindly note that you have a friend far away in Kenya who dearly thinks about you for having transformed my life. Thanks alot to Zidisha fraternity.


Andrew Chege. 

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