Introducing our first member in Ghana



By Cornelius Nartey, Ghana Volunteer Mentor, and Roberta Zenere, Ghana Country Expansion Coordinator

Cornelius Nartey is the first Zidisha borrowers from Ghana, a West African country where Zidisha has recently expanded its operations. Here is the story of his socially oriented business:  

“I live at Prampram, located less than one hour east of Accra, Ghana’s capital, the Prampram township is the largest community in the Dangme West District. As a coastal community, the primary occupations are fishing and fish selling, but also include small farmers and artisans. 

Prampram is part of over 500 towns and villages with water issues. The township received water but most of its communities nearby and beyond have water problems due to low pressure, frequent power interruptions that affected production while the present increase in water demand had also affected the supply to the villages. […] In order to contribute to efforts aimed at alleviating the effects of water shortage in my community (which forms part MDG 7), I have started a business to store and supply pipe-borne water to affected families at a fee. With this business, I assist families that cannot afford water tanks and can have only a limited a quantity of water at a time. During shortages, these families have to resort to water that often comes from open holes dug in the sand of dry riverbeds, and it is invariably contaminated. My business provides them with clean, safe water anytime, whether there is a shortage or not.”

Mr Nartey is also the founder and president of the Association of African Entrepreneurs (AAE) and has assisted Zidisha in setting-up a cost effective mechanism to disburse loans to Ghanaian micro-entrepreneurs. He is also the Volunteer Mentor for Prampram and we are confident that his commitment and enthusiasm will help to link many borrowers in Ghana to the Zidisha community. 

Learn more:

Cornelius Nartey’s Zidisha profile page:

Association of African Entrepreneurs website:

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