A record number of new loans posted at Zidisha

Dear Zidisha members,

Soni Baidowi is a twenty-six-old social entrepreneur, driven by the dream of bringing world-class educational opportunities to his remote village in East Java, Indonesia.  
Thanks to you, the lack of local financing opportunities no longer prevent Soni from making his dream a reality.  Zidisha loans delivered over the internet are providing the capital he needs to grow his after-school tutoring center for disadvantaged teens.
We now have a record number of fundraising loans from remarkable entrepreneurs like Soni.  Many are due to expire for lack of as little as $20.  We need your help to extend the same opportunity to them.
Here’s how to help:  
  • Short on cash? Invite a friend to join – and watch your impact grow as their loans create new possibilities in the world’s most disadvantaged places.
It’s 2014.  For the first time in history, we have the technological tools to make geographic handicaps irrelevant.  Join our entrepreneurs in making this dream a reality now.
I’ll see you there.
Julia Kurnia

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