Soulful Music


By Janet Wanjiru, Zidisha member in Nairobi, Kenya

I have been a full time vocalist for varied bands and artists for almost 10 years. I have now done my own album which I will soon launch…  I do Soulful Music with an Afro feel inspired by gospel music. My songs are inspirational and value oriented. I sing in Swahili, English and Kikuyu (a local Kenyan tribe)… It is my aim to also come out as a successful Kenyan musician both locally and internationally.

I am in the music business where I am producing my own album, sing for different bands, do vocals for artists, jingles for advertisements and other music related ventures. I earn regular income from weekly jobs in different bands. My album is almost complete so I aim to finish it, launch and then market it in the next 2 or 3 months.,. I strongly believe that this assistance will help me to spread positive messages to Kenyans and the international community through my music. I will keep you informed on the progress of my venture.

I have been struggling to complete my first album for about one year and this loan will be a godsend to help me achieve this. This album has many positive messages that I believe will benefit people from all walks of life. Due to the fact that I am already singing for different audiences, there are many who are waiting for it and will be willing to buy it. The main reason why I do music is to make a difference in the society as well as to earn a living.

You may listen to one of Ms. Wanjiru’s songs here:

You may view Ms. Wanjiru’s Zidisha profile here:

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