Our new homepage design

Our homepage has a new look: large images, streamlined menu options and scrolling infographics that help visitors take in what our community is all about.  The new design uses the latest responsive website design framework to facilitate viewing on a variety of browsers and devices.





We have so many inspiring entrepreneur stories that it was incredibly difficult to choose a cover image for our new homepage.  We finally settled on this photo of Pherister Ndoge, one of our earliest members, who left a comfortable teaching job to bootstrap a school for disadvantaged kids in Kenya.  She used a small Zidisha loan to add more classrooms, resulting in access to education for many more children.  (You may check out her full story here.)

We thought this photo of Ms. Ndoge’s school and students is a fitting representation of what we have achieved, where we are headed – and of the many lives that can be transformed by connecting people across previously insurmountable geographic barriers in an online community.

Thanks to Kevin Hale, a Y Combinator partner and cofounder of Wufoo renowned for his web design expertise, for helping us transition to the new homepage design.

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