Introducing our new loan profile page


By Julia Kurnia

Our new loan profile design went live today!  Here are the highlights:

  • A larger, high-resolution profile photo facilitates a closer connection than the previous small image.
  • The borrower’s narrative and comment history are featured in the center directly below the photo, making it easier to follow the story.
  • Information about the borrower’s reputation and performance scores and the current loan terms are organized into separate panels along the right side, facilitating evaluation of the key information needed to inform lending decisions.

What other elements would you like to see featured in the loan profile page?  Let us know by adding a comment here.

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Posted today by Zidisha member John Wairobi in Kayole, Kenya:

“Hi, just to thank all the lenders that supported my project, as i had promised here are the computers that i purchased. the cyber i currently up and running we still are awaiting for a special permit from the ministry of education so that we can begin training and teaching computer skills within the area.”

Our first matching loan fund launches in beta


Today marks the beta launch of our first matching loan fund.  For a limited time, this fund will match, dollar for dollar, the amounts lent manually by individual Zidisha members.

For lenders, this means double the impact for each dollar lent.  For borrowers, this means that loan applications that meet the quality standards necessary to attract bids from individual lenders are more likely to raise the full amount needed.

Our first matching loan fund is made possible by a generous contribution from Yun-Fang Juan, the creator of Facebook Ads and active supporter of game-changing financial services startups.

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Soulful Music


By Janet Wanjiru, Zidisha member in Nairobi, Kenya

I have been a full time vocalist for varied bands and artists for almost 10 years. I have now done my own album which I will soon launch…  I do Soulful Music with an Afro feel inspired by gospel music. My songs are inspirational and value oriented. I sing in Swahili, English and Kikuyu (a local Kenyan tribe)… It is my aim to also come out as a successful Kenyan musician both locally and internationally.

I am in the music business where I am producing my own album, sing for different bands, do vocals for artists, jingles for advertisements and other music related ventures. I earn regular income from weekly jobs in different bands. My album is almost complete so I aim to finish it, launch and then market it in the next 2 or 3 months.,. I strongly believe that this assistance will help me to spread positive messages to Kenyans and the international community through my music. I will keep you informed on the progress of my venture.

I have been struggling to complete my first album for about one year and this loan will be a godsend to help me achieve this. This album has many positive messages that I believe will benefit people from all walks of life. Due to the fact that I am already singing for different audiences, there are many who are waiting for it and will be willing to buy it. The main reason why I do music is to make a difference in the society as well as to earn a living.

You may listen to one of Ms. Wanjiru’s songs here:

You may view Ms. Wanjiru’s Zidisha profile here: