Easter greetings from all of us


Hi lenders, The revenue for my business has increased by approximately 20% and also many local people have registered for [clothing production] training and currently I am working with 2 shifts in a day but still there many people interested in training so am planning to rent a more spacious room and purchase more [sewing] machines to accommodate more people… This new plan will put my business into the next level and I will empower more people as I economically empower myself. I wish all the Zidisha community members a happy Easter holiday !

Posted by Winfred Wangechi in Kahawa Wendani, Kenya

I salute all members of Zidisha and all the lenders, you have put a smile on lots of people’s faces, I wish you a blessed week and glory Easter… be well brothers and sisters…

Posted by Derrick Vusala in Nakuru, Kenya


Wendneso, I sincerely support your project and I wish you can fund it. I do it from the bottom of my heart. Happy Easter.

Posted at the profile of Wendneso KABORE by Pierfausto in Rome, Italy


Hi my esteemed lenders, hope you are having a good Easter holiday.  On this side business is fair.  How are things over on those sides of this small world?

Posted by Rael Chepkurui in Kaptembwa, Kenya


Dear Lenders, I am so grateful for your support and I am now faring excellently. I managed to introduce new attractive packaging materials for the rice supply business and have great hopes in penetrating to new and bigger markets. I have now searched for more supply tenders in many supermarkets and hotels and believe they will give a positive feedback… Thank you and have a wonderful EASTER HOLIDAY.

Posted by Joseph Wokabi in Juja-kalimoni, Kenya


Hi Judith. I am 8 years old and my mom is helping me do this. I like helping people so I am using money from my allowance. I like gardens and I hope you make a good one. Onions stink but they taste good. Ha ha! Good luck.

Posted at the profile of JUDITH CHEPKOSGEI by Dragonboy in Waterloo, Canada

Hi Zidisha lenders its with hope that you will help me reach my dreams, you’re good people and with your help I’ll do good in my business… together we can make a change…….happy EASTER,….

Posted by HARRISON GANGAYA in Barnabas, Kenya

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