Spotlight on Magatte Fall, Senegal


By Paige Klunk, Senegal Client Relationship Manager Volunteer

My name is Paige Klunk, and I am currently a Client Relationship Manager for Zidisha in Senegal. Yesterday, Miriam and I had the opportunity to meet Mme. Magatte Fall at the office of AFAO in Dakar. She met us in front of the building with a warm smile and gentle wave, leading us upstairs to her fifth floor office.

Mme. Fall is currently on her second loan with Zidisha. Her first loan enabled her to commence her business of making juices, and with her second loan she was able to expand by buying a freezer to store the juices she makes. The freezer was a great success! Mme. Fall’s business has doubled.

The benefits of Mme. Fall’s loans are evident in how she supports her family and her local community. She mentioned she was able to pay a full year’s tuition for her son, who just past his baccalaureate exam! Not only does her family benefit but she supports the sustainability of her association as well. Women who are members of the association actually buy juices and other goods from her to resell.

While discussing the success of her business, Mme. Fall was also very eager to talk about her full-time work. Mme. Fall is Technician of Health at AFAO Senegal, also known as WAWA (West African Women’s Association) in English. She travels often to rural areas to educate about the prevention of diseases, such as malaria and AIDs. AFAO also gives women the formative and educational tools they need to be successful in their trade. Mme. Fall proudly showed us several of the pamphlets that AFAO uses, ranging from topics on how to package local foods for resale to pamphlets educating on importing goods through customs.

Mme. Fall’s success has not only benefited her family but her local community as well. She is very motivated with her work with AFAO and is proud of the success of her business. Miriam and I had a pleasant visit with Mme. Fall, and I only look forward to the next time I can visit to see how Mme. Fall’s work has continued to progress.


To learn more, check out Mme Fall’s loan profile page at

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