A new addition to the team

By Julia Kurnia, Director

Many of you know Hardik Bhadani as one of the team who accomplished our recent website upgrade. I’m incredibly pleased and honored to announce that Hardik will be joining our team full time.

Hardik lives in Gondol (Gujarat), India. We first met him in May of this year, when our web developer Jonas moved to India to collaborate with him and Bhargav on the website upgrade project. The website upgrade was a massive undertaking that involved completely rewriting every part of the website using the most recent advances and best practices in website programming.

Hardik had only recently graduated from university, but he rapidly became an expert in both the Laravel programming framework of our new website and related technologies, and the intricacies of the Zidisha microlending platform. Along with Jonas and Bhargav, Hardik spent many hours, weeks and months painstakingly rewriting every line of our website in the new framework from a simple apartment-based office in India.

When we launched the new website and Jonas returned to his home in Belgium, Hardik continued to work with us from India. We were so impressed with his code quality and productivity that we asked him to stay on as part of the team beyond the end of the website rewrite project – and we were thrilled when he agreed!

Starting in November, Hardik will take over much of the day-to-day programming at Zidisha, with Jonas continuing to advise and assist as needed. Our community owes both of them our heartfelt thanks for their hard work and contributions – and a warm welcome again to Hardik!

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