A triple harvest


By Taylor Hanna, Ghana Ambassador

It was really a pleasure to get to meet Prosper yesterday, along with Volunteer Mentor George Bonsu. We met at the school where he works in Swedru, a rural community outside of Kumasi, as a teacher of science and math. Any time he is not at the school, Prosper can be found working on his farm, a bit of a walk from town, where he farms and harvests okra for sale.


Zidisha loans have allowed Prosper to significantly grow his harvest – making three hectares of land available to him rather than the original one. He then uses these profits to help his own family as well as several needy children he has taken the responsibility to help. He explained that he can finally afford the school fees for one girl, who will start secondary school in Kumasi on Monday. Prosper is also very interested in helping his community generally, and has been pitching in to help with his friend (and fellow Zidisha borrower) Aziz Zakari’s campaign for assemblyman of the combined Wawasi-Swedru district.

It was so wonderful to get to meet and chat with Prosper about his work, passions, and the situation of the community he lives in, and I know he is grateful for the opportunity and support given to him by his Zidisha lenders – they have already made quite an impact in his crops. He hopes to finish paying off his loan in the next week so that he can apply for another one. We wish him all the best!

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