An Animal Health Warrior

Kirui Richard 3

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

Kirui Richard has faced a number of challenges in his life, coming from a humble family in Narok county, Kenya. As a child, he became an orphan when both of his parents passed away and he was then raised by his elder brother. Fortunately, he was able to receive an education and completed his primary education where he passed and then continued on to a high school in Bomet county. After high school, he furthered his education at Egerton University where he studied Animal Health. He shares that his brother’s encouragement played a big role in his ability to finish his education.

However, once he received his diploma, he was faced with a new challenge, how to start an agrovet shop? As a new business owner, he had a lot to learn, but was ready for the challenge.

His brother was able to help him financially with an investment to get him started. Unfortunately, the investment wasn’t enough to get his shop fully stocked.

He explains, ‘I come from a place where people like keeping livestock but the problem is that there is not enough capital to certify all these farmers. If given enough capital I will help my customers to get their items. My hobby is to visit my treated patients and see them recovery well.’

Kirui Richard 2

In his agrovets shop he sells: seeds, minerals, acaricides, and dewormers to farmers. In addition, he also provides services where he treats sick animals. His products and services are in high demand as farming is the main source of income for most people in his community.

So far, his main business costs have been a county business license, his electricity bill, and a veterinary inspection fee. With his profits, he is able to increase his overall stock.

He has successfully raised 6 loans so far with Zidisha lenders, beginning in 2018. With a repayment rate of 100%, he has shown lenders that he is worth investing in. When he raised his first loan of $11 in March, he purchased a variety of livestock goods and also bought a vaccine fridge which allowed him to stock different vaccines. That same month, he also raised, $13 to purchase additional vaccines to sell to farmers.

With his following loan of $20 in April 2018, he increased his stock of both Amitrax and Deltametri. It was important for him to have a nice supply of stock on hand so that customers knew they could come to him.

Kiuri Richard 1

Shortly thereafter, he requested his two loans in May and June to purchase vaccines for the Newcastle disease. He shares, ‘The disease is fatal and I wish to help my farmers control the disease.’ Each vial that he purchased cost $3.

Most recently, with a $41 loan, he was able to purchase antirabies vaccines for $10 each. He hoped to vaccinate 40 dogs in his village.

Kirui has clearly been making a positive impact on the lives of the farmers in his community. Through his vaccines and services, he is allowing the local economy to thrive. If you would like to learn more about other amazing Zidisha entrepreneurs, head on over to our Lend Page to read more.

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