I Can Achieve My Dreams

Rose 1

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

Rose Joseph Mlunga has had the opportunity to live in 3 different African countries. Born in Tanzania, she is the youngest child with 5 older siblings. As a child, she attended both primary and O-level secondary school in Tanzania before moving to Uganda to work on her A-level secondary studies.

During her studies, she performed well on her 6 national examinations and earned a spot to continue studying at Makerere University in Uganda. She completed her studies in 2010 and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.

While she was a university student, she started dating her now husband. Today they are married, living in Kenya, and have one daughter.

As a Zidisha entrepreneur, Rose runs a mobile banking business (M-pesa) and also sells phone accessories. In addition to mobile banking, she also runs a second business selling secondhand handbags and clothing. She shares the reasoning for doing both as, ‘At times you find business is wobbling up and down due to seasons.’

Rose 2

She hopes to continually expand and grow her business in the future. Rose explains, ‘Mobile banking has saved people a lot because they can send and receive money at any time and anywhere, so this makes the business very stable and increases income in the business. In this mobile banking business I make US$ 200 a month, apart from mobile banking I do mobile phone charging to clients in which I charge UD$ 0.2 per phone, also I sell airtime in my shop.’

Rose has been part of the Zidisha community since 2016, and over the past three years has raised 7 Zidisha funded loans ranging in amount from $200 to $937.

With her first Zidisha funded loan of $200, Rose began to expand her selection of mobile phone accessories and phone charging, hoping to make a profit of $20 USD a day on phone accessories and $10 USD per day for charging. In Kenya, selling charging time is a great business service because most Kenyans don’t have their own source of electricity, making this a high demand service.

A few months after her first loan, Rose requested a second for $200 and this time she set out to grow her business by purchasing a computer for $100 USD, a digital camera for $80 USD, and a 16G memory card for $10.20. The remaining funds would be donated to her local church as she says, ‘to thank God for the opportunity he has given me and the lenders.’

She also found that it was the right time to hire one employee who could help her take photos and do passports.Building upon her previous loan, Rose successfully raised $296 in March 2017, enabling her to purchase a photo printer, a laminating machine, and an additional table for her shop. The rest was put towards paint for re-branding.

A few months later, she then raised $443 in September from lenders, and $495 in October, allowing her to expand her business by adding an Equity Bank Agent, Family Bank Pesa Pap Agent, KCB Bank Agent, and Co-Operative Bank Agent. This would allow Rose to provide all 5 money solutions.

Rose 3

By December 2017, Rose found that she had another problem that needed her attention. Frustrated by the occurrence of power blackouts and lack of electricity, she decided that a power generator would be a great investment, allowing her to continue operating her business even while others are out of power. With $935 from Zidisha lenders, Rose was able to purchase the generator and also pay for the power cables and the wages for the technician to install it. As few people have generators, this would also provide Rose with a competitive advantage in the market.

As Rose’s business has continued to grow and expand, there’s no telling how far she can continue to go in the future. Most recently, in October 2019, she successfully raised $1,030, her largest loan yet! With this loan she is purchasing computers and a printing machine, as well as having internet installation work done.

While 2018 and 2019, haven’t been the easiest business years for Rose, she has persevered and is finding ways to iterate and continually make improvements and provide value for her customers in her community.

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A Passion For People

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 9.51.43 AM

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

Born in the Central Province of Kenya (Nyeri), Teresah Wamuyu was the daughter of peasant farmers, with a small coffee plantation. She shares, ‘It was challenging for them to guarantee us a decent lifestyle. However, despite these limitations, my parents believed in my education. They did their very best to ensure I went to school. It’s heartbreaking that they are not here anymore to witness the results of their hard work and faith in me, but wherever they are, am sure they are smiling and proud of their efforts.’

After completing her education, Teresah worked diligently as a primary school teacher for over 25 years. She eventually decided to seek early retirement in order to focus on her small business. Her husband is also a teacher and they have four grown children.

Teresah is very proud of her children and their abilities to continue their education. She explains, my eldest son secured a job and is working towards cementing his career. The second born has just started his small business. My third born is in his 3rd year of university. He has been helping me out so much over the holidays in running my cereals business. He is very interested in joining me after university to try and scale this business. My only daughter, the last born, is in her 1st year in the university. She’s studying for a career in the tourism & hospitality industry. It has been quite a struggle educating my children, but it is with God’s glory that we have managed.’

While Teresah certainly has the business acumen to run a successful business, she also has a love for making a difference in her community and the lives of everyone around her, which certainly reflects her time spent as a teacher. She shares, ‘Zidisha was very pivotal when I decided to start my business. A business, for me, was not only a means of meeting the needs of my community and creating a source of income, but also a way of liberating myself and empowering more of the people around me. I have always had a passion for helping people in need. Throughout my teaching career, I have lived with and accommodated different persons and treated them as family; ranging from a few orphaned kids, a HIV Positive girl, a son of a single mother, to my nieces who needed financial support. I do not do all these because I had any adequate financial capability, but rather because I felt it was the right thing to do. That is why I look at my business as a means of not only empowering myself, but most importantly, a way of empowering my customers and persons I care about. That is my passion.’

Teresah 3

During her time with Zidisha, Teresah has had 5 substantial Zidisha funded loans, which have allowed her to grow and slowly scale her business. Back in 2013, she obtained her first loan, for $500 and used the funds to purchase additional poultry and construct another chicken house. Seeing the success of her first loan, she then raised a second loan in 2013 for $1,014, doubling her previous loan. This time around, she purchased an incubator.

Like most entrepreneurs, the business that Teresah started in, (poultry farming), is different from what she is doing today. With the help of the Zidisha community, she has been able to transition to having her own shop where she now sells cereals and other food items.

By 2015, Teresah was finding success, but found that she needed to start purchasing her inventory in bulk, in order to lower her costs, and to keep up with customer demand. With a $1,450 loan from lenders, Teresah added to her stock of maize cereals, beans, green grams, and sorghum. She shares the importance of this loan as she explains to lenders, ‘Getting this loan will be of invaluable importance to me in that I will be able to meet the pending orders. It will be of much importance to my customers in that they will be availed with an opportunity to purchase food products within a reasonable range of prices as well as ensure food sustainability in our area all year round. By purchasing in bulk as indicated above, my costs will be lower than they have been in the past months and therefore this will enable my profit margin to increase to an average of 30%.’

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 9.52.44 AM

As Teresah began to scale her business, she saw a need for food delivery in rural areas. Taking this as an opportunity, she raised $1,977 from Zidisha lenders in May 2016, and set out to purchase a motorcycle, rent a second motorcycle, and purchase additional maize and bread. She also set aside $180 for contingencies as her emergency fund. Not able to contain her excitement and enthusiasm, Teresah says, ‘I came to you, Zidisha, to start a business, now I am back for your support to scale the business. Let us join hearts, hands and resources to improve service delivery here in Kenya.’

The following year, Teresah was prepared to continue growing the delivery aspect of her business, raising $2,929 from Zidisha lenders to purchase 3 additional motorcycles to transport food and merchandise.

Teresah 1

With this most recent loan, Teresah has discovered that finding the right transportation mode has been a lot of trial and error. She explains, ‘I tested this distribution model first by leasing out a couple motorcycles to do the transportation for me. It quickly became clear that motorcycles wouldn’t transport the bulk of my products as efficiently as I would have liked. I, therefore, looked for and acquired a second-hand Toyota Carina sedan car for about $1,500 (I paid $1000 in cash and the rest in 10 monthly installments). Well, it’s a cranky old car but it did the job…most of the time!’

What started as a retail business has now morphed into a wholesale business. She’s even doing so well that she’s been able to open a second shop.

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 9.52.32 AM

‘I am so grateful for what you do for us. It’s because of your grace and generosity that I can fend for my family, pay school fees as well as provide quality products to my customers. I surely thank you Guys for everything you have enabled me to achieve. Thank you.’

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A Vision For the Future

Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 10.13.53 AM

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

Ngwata Phiri is a businessman, born and raised in Lusaka Zambia. As a child, he attended three different primary schools, starting in Chalimbana in Lusaka, then on to Chilenje Primary School, and finally completing his studies at Woodlands Primary School. Afterwards, he was able to successfully receive his GEC certificate at Kabulonga Boys Secondary School.

Finally, to finish up his education, he enrolled in the Zambia Institute of Technology where his area of focus was, Computer Studies. In addition to that, he also holds a certificate in Psychosocial Counseling.

Today, Ngwata owns and operates a Business Center in his town. However, he’s found that the process of renovating the building and getting it ready for customers has been a long and arduous process for him.

Fortunately, he hasn’t had to do it alone! Since partnering with Zidisha in 2017, Ngwata has been able to raise 5 Zidisha funded loans to assist him in his project.Starting out, Ngwata foresaw that there would be 4 phases involved in getting his business up and running.

In phase 1, he predicted that he would need to complete the foundation, superstructure, roofing, flooring, and septic tank. He calculated that this phase would amount to around $2,300. For the second phase, Ngwata made a plan that included plastering the walls, installing doors, window frames, and window panes. The painting would also be completed in this phase as well, reaching a total of $2,000. With the third phase, this work would include, toilets, roofing, pillars, electrical wiring, and tiles, reaching an expected total of $250.

Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 10.11.48 AM

For the fourth and final phase, Ngwata imagined that this phase would involve the electricity connection to the power grid, and purchasing the equipment for his business including: ‘a photocopier, laminator, 2 secondhand desktops, 2 tables, and 4 secondhand chairs.’ He predicted a cost of about $1,000 for this final phase.

From the beginning, it was clear that Ngwata certainly had a lot of work ahead of him, but this didn’t intimidate him, he steadily moved forward and made progress in his business.

Ngwata was able to utilize 3 Zidisha funded loans in 2017 to help with his renovations. These 3 loans were for, $93, $150, and $378. Combining this with some of his own funds, he set to work. During this time, he made great progress on phase 2 of his project as he started plastering the walls, fixing the doors, fixing window panes, and painting.

Even before his building was finished, he was already creating opportunities to impact his community for the better as he shares, ‘I will see how I can use this structure (even in an unfinished state to reach out to the youths around the area (using my psychosocial counseling skills). A lot of the youths around don’t have anything to do except turn to beer. There is not much in the way of creation and role-models here.’

Ngwata 4

He imagined that once his business center was fully up and running, it would be a place of teaching and recreation for the youth. He hoped that he could help motivate them to make something of their lives.

Ngwata is a great example for each one of us that we all have influence exactly where we are. Even if we’re working hard and haven’t seen our plans or dreams come to fruition, we can use what we have, exactly where we are to help those around us.

While it would have been easy for Ngwata to put off helping the youth in his area until he was 100% finished with his project, he was determined to begin right away.

As 2017 came to a close, Ngwata was faced with an unexpected emergency operation for acute appendicitis, and an exploratory surgery. Fortunately, he was able to recover in time to celebrate his daughter’s wedding on October 14th. Between his business, his operations, and his daughter’s wedding, 2017 proved to be an expensive year, yet, he kept moving ahead.

Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 10.12.25 AM

In 2018, Ngwata raised one loan, amounting to $737 and was able to get to work bringing power to his building. He also worked to improve the security by installing secure grill doors and burglar bars on the windows.

Ngwata 3

“Power is in and painting has started” August 2019

In September 2019, Ngwata received a $553 Zidisha funded loan to assist him with his final phase. He is now looking to complete the painting, do some branding, and purchase his PC’s, laminator, tables, and chairs.

While it hasn’t been a short or easy process, Ngwata has shown that if you’re willing to put in the time and work, you can truly create something beautiful and worth the effort.

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Just Keep Smiling


By Betsy Ramser Jaime

Even though Nkatiah Kwaku usually wears a big smile on his face, he’s certainly had his share of ups and downs in life. He was born in Berekum, in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana and completed his education through the Junior High School level. Sadly, due to a lack of finances, he couldn’t further his education, having lost both of his parents at a young age. In his own words, Nkatiah shared, ‘I struggled in life to meet my demands.’

As a result, he made the decision to open his own barber shop, called ‘Agyaku’s Barbering Shop.’ As he began his entrepreneurial journey, he boldly and beautifully said, ‘I wish to establish this business to redeem me from my hardship and establish my family for the future. My hope is to establish myself and assist the needy ones as well since we have plenty of needy ones in my community.’

Since joining the Zidisha community, Nkatiah has successfully raised 11 Zidisha funded loans between October 2016 and August 2019. With his monthly profits from his business, he is able to pay his bills and utilities, with enough money left to pay his children’s school fees and also assist others in his local community.

Starting out, with a $20 loan in October 2016 and a $39 loan in December, Nkatiah purchased a few new items for his shop including: comb, barbering machine, powder, and pomade.’ As he says, ‘these items will help my render effective service to my customers and thereby increase my profit margin by 15%, the profit margin will enable me to expand and offer effective services to my customers.’

By March 2017, Nkatiah was continuing to make steady changes to improve his business. He determined that investing his next Zidisha funded loan ($61) towards some renovations for his shop would be a smart use of funds. Even with the renovations, he could also purchase some new chairs for his shop and more posters showing a variety of hairstyles.


As Nkatiah continued to operate his business, he thought of new solutions and ideas for growing and reaching more customers. For example, he realized that if he had a bicycle, this would enable him to serve customers in remote areas most of which might struggle to find a barber.

As the new year started, Nkatiah was ready to see what 2018 had in store for his business. He started the year by raising $94 from Zidisha lenders, which put him in a good position to purchase 2 new shaving machines, 1 new visitor chair, a set of combs, and a cover cloth. Another significant change that this loan brought about was the ability to hire an employee to assist him.

In September, a storm ruined the roof of his shop. Therefore, with the support of a $89 Zidisha funded loan, Nkatiah was able to buy a roofing sheet, nails, wood, and tools. This loan also covered the labor costs to repair the damage.

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 8.35.54 AM

By November, the next matter on Nkatiah’s priority list, was fixing an electricity matter in his business. As he raised $86 from Zidisha lenders, he was able to purchase the necessary materials (matter, matter board, wire) and labor to solve the problem.

So far, in 2019, Nkatiah has secured 3 Zidisha funded loans for $186, $200, and $172. With these first two loans, he was able to easily re-supply his shop with necessary items such as, ‘hair cream, cotton, aprons, powders, and blades. The third loan, in August, enabled him to purchase an additional sterilizer machine and also continue to address another electrical issue requiring wire, matter, and labor costs.

Nkahtiah has had to work hard in life for everything that he has received, but that work ethic, and never give up spirit, have put him on the path to success. Between a thriving and fulfilling business, a lovely family, and the ability to enact local change in his community, he’s created a well-rounded and joyful life for himself and those around him.

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Happy Customers

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 10.25.54 AM

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

Okolocha Ogochukwu is from Nigeria and resides in port Harcourt Rivers state. He is proud to call himself both a graduate and now a supermarket owner as well. For his business, he operates his supermarket 7 days a week and on top of that, he is is also a husband and father to 4 children.

To describe his business, he shares, ‘I own a super market at Mgbuoba Port Harcourt Rivers state of Nigeria. I deal in provisions of cosmetic articles and food stuff. I also deal in house hold items like plates, frying pan, spoons, and forks flask and baby items. I make daily sales of 10000 to 15000. I operate Monday through Saturday and a half day on Sunday.’

Okolocha is fairly new to the Zidisha community, having just joined in June 2019. However, he’s certainly made up for lost time, raising 7 loans in the short span of 5 months. Starting with a mere $14 loan in June, he was able to start by adding a few new items to his supermarket stock.

A month later, he found himself able to successfully raise 3 additional loans, in the amounts of, $22, $24, and $27.

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 10.25.41 AM

With his $22 loan he shared, ‘I will go to market and buy goods for my shop for my customers. I will buy cosmetics and articles and provision and food stuff. I will buy houses hold items like plates frying pan spoons and forks and flaskes which customers are looking for. I will also buy diapers for babies and wipes and baby products.’

As he continued to grow in his business, Okolocha was able to take the feedback that he was getting from customers to grow and make changes to his business and overall stock. For his next July loan, he focused on increasing his stock of cosmetics, which his customers were asking for. He also made the decision to purchase more diapers for babies and to offer a wider variety of sizes and brands.

Later in July, as he received his next loan for $27, he focused on increasing his stock of food products such as, ‘rice and beans.’ He also found that customers were asking for more household products so he also increased his inventory of ‘plates, frying pans, spoons,’ and other household items.

As the month of August rolled around, Okolocha knew that this would be an important time of year for business as he was in the midst of back to school for the children and also approaching the Christmas season.

With a $159 loan from Zidisha lenders in August, Okolocha set to work stocking up on rice for his customers. He also found that the baby products that he sold seemed to do very well so he also focused on his stock of diapers, baby wipes, and creams.

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 10.26.02 AM

Shortly thereafter, Okolocha requested a $175 loan from investors and shared, ‘As the season is fast approaching, I will use the money to buy bags of rice, tomatoes, cosmetics, house hold items, and especially back to school items. As school has just resumed, I need to buy school bags, water flasks, lunch pack, stockings and others. A lot to buy but limited money.’

Most recently, as Okolocha raised over $200 in October, he was excited to update his lenders as he said, ‘With this new loan I will still buy more of drinks and cosmetics as things will soon increase in the market. This loan will help me to restock my goods. I thank and appreciate the lenders and the entire family. Thank you so much’

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The Sky Is My Limit, That I Am Sure

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 8.42.28 AM

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

‘Being from a family that has nothing brings about the zeal to make it in life’, shares Victor Fadeyi. Growing up in the center of poverty, Victor knew that he would need to work hard, but was willing to put in the effort to make it happen.

As a student, he studied Mass Communications at university and knew that once he graduated working in an office would not be a good fit for him. As he shares, ‘I know that I am not the kind that sits in an office with air conditioning blowing but the kind that works on the field and create jobs for others.’

With this in mind, even before he graduated, he started to learn about laundry and cleaning services. He knew that this was what he wanted but was patient in allowing it to happen. As he saved the money to open his laundry business, he worked as a cab driver.

Today Victor is so grateful that his laundry business is able to support his family and even pay for an education for his two children, explaining, ‘I will never allow them to suffer the way I did.’

In his business, Victor provides laundry and cleaning services for those that either do not have the time or strength to do their own laundry or clean their homes themselves. His business also offers dying and stain removal services as well.

Zidisha 2

Because of the professional way in which he conducts his business, he finds that he gets quite a bit of repeat business. To describe the customer experience, Victor says, ‘We get the laundry from their various home and get back to them neat and well packaged.’ In a typical week, he’s able to earn around 5,000 Nigerian Naira.

So far, in his time with Zidisha, Victor has successfully raised six Zidisha funded loans, ranging from $4 to $145. These loans have allowed him to continually make improvements and changes to his business.

Starting in June 2019, Victor raised two $4 loans which helped him to purchase some materials and continue his marketing efforts to promote his business.

Soon after, in July, Victor raised $36 and was able to purchase a new steam iron to replace one that had stopped working. He also raised another loan in July, this one for $70 and with the funds, he intended to start saving to expand his business by renting a shop or opening an office.

On Jul 20, 2019, Victor took to his discussion board and shared that the new iron was working out very well for him, he shared, ‘Thanks to Zidisha, my business is getting better and ironing of clothes is easier as I bought a new steam iron. I delivered laundries back to customers faster than before. Thank you so much.’

With more space, Victor knew that this would allow him to take on more business and by doing so, he also hoped that he would be able to hire one employee to assist him in the business.

By August 2019, Victor was hoping to put more efforts into marketing and promoting his business by using hand bills, signs, business cards and banners. With a $102 loan from Zidisha lenders, he was able to make this happen.

In business and in life, as soon as you solve one problem, another one seems to pop up. For Victor, he saw his next business improvement being a new washing machine so that he could operate faster and more efficiently. Fortunately, he was able to raise the $145 necessary to purchase his new machine.

Coming from a childhood of poverty, to college graduate and entrepreneur, Victor has come unbelievably far in his life with a strong work ethic and a belief in himself. In his own words, ‘The Sky is my limit, that I am sure.’

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This is Going to Better Life for My Family

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 9.59.42 AM

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

From the Copperbelt province of Zambia, Kelvin Malambo struggled as a child, sharing, ‘I encountered hardships in my childhood as I was raised not in my parents home. I started school in 1991 and completed my secondary education in 2002 at the age of 17. I studied Business Management from 2005 to 2007 that earned me a diploma.’

In order to attend college, Kelvin asked his Grandmother for the funds, and she was able to provide around $30 to assist him. Using this small startup amount, he was able to start trading and raise the funds for his tuition fees. While his Grandmother is no longer living, Kelvin believes that this opportunity that she provided for him gave him some valuable business experience.

However, once Kelvin was able to successfully finish school, the next hurdle that he faced was finding employment. He was able to secure some part-time jobs to pay the bills and also got married during this time. Looking back, Kelvin says that he ‘almost lost hope’ during this period of time. But, he never gave up as he explains, ‘As a family man I learnt to be responsible and worked even harder. I was able to raise 700 dollars with which I started a poultry business in 2014. Since then I have been through thick and thin, ups and downs until recently when I become more tough and an experienced business man.’

Kelvin 2

Today, Kelvin and his wife have a beautiful family with two boys and one girl. Kelvin must have passed on his entrepreneurial genes to his children because they love spending time with him and his business. With both a busy work and family life, Kelvin enjoys spending his free time playing with his kids and reading business materials.

Currently, Kelvin operates in the electronics and hardware business and also offers computer and phone solutions for his customers. Kelvin shares with lenders that, ‘The goods and services are in demand because people are either building or need home essentials. Computers & phones have become so important in one’s life such that every person will need them. People are buying these goods every day for work, education or as a luxury. Because of the demand and the knowledge that I have about the goods and services I decided to join this industry.’

Kelvin 1

Within his business, his typical costs are primarily inventory for computers, basic phones, smartphones, and accessories. Since joining the Zidisha community in late 2018, Kelvin has been able to to raise 6 Zidisha funded loans to keep growing his business. With these loans he’s been able to purchase new inventory and buy a laminator.

As a parent, he also has a passion for education and for helping children in Africa receive a good and affordable education. On October 6, 2019, he went to his discussion page and shared his vision with lenders, ‘Every child have the right to education. In Africa, about 75% of children have either not enrolled in school or going to very poor schools mine included. Schools are charging very high fees with poor services. A big number of children are dropping out of school. It hurts a lot as a responsible parent and citizen to see these children grow up uneducated and poor citizens. This is why poverty in Africa will continue for generations ahead.’

He continues, ‘I have a dream and I’m dedicated to fight hunger and poverty through education. I bought a plot and some blocks to build an excellent and affordable educational facility. I will look for help from well wishers to sponsor 65% of the poor children and charge $11 only per term for those that can manage. This charge is nothing compared to $48 most private schools are charging on average.’

Through his business and his plans for his school, Kelvin is working hard to improve his community and country for both himself and his children. Speaking to the changes that his business and being a part of the Zidisha community has had on his life, he shares, ‘This is going to better life for my family.’

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